Guide To Hair Extensions

There are a lot of terms when it comes to hair extensions and if you’re new to this whole thing, it can confuse you a little bit. Some of the terms you may have heard are tape-ins, weave, clip-ons, fusion and pre-bonded. These are all types of extensions and you have to know what each of them is so that you can choose which suits you best.

As you very well know, there are natural and synthetic extensions. Synthetic hair can be purchased at a lower cost than the natural hair. They both come in so many different colours, styles, lengths and there are different methods that are used to apply them. It is much easier to colour the natural hair extensions than the synthetic hair. You also have to careful in using styling tools because you can’t use straighteners and curling irons on synthetic hair can damage them. You can treat the natural hair extensions just like you treat your own hair. You need to look for quality when choosing hair extensions as they have to look natural and flawless. The synthetic hair extensions can last for several months and the real ones can stay for about a year with good maintenance. You need to select a good Meadow Heights hair stylistwho can choose a type of extensions that is best for your hair.

Clip on extensionsare pre-taped and you can tape or glue them on either side of your hair. You can have your stylist attach them as the process requires a lot of care. You will also need to remove them and reinstall them after the required length of time. You should take care when using hair products after installing the extensions as they have a tendency to slip off. You can purchase some special hair products that will be better for the extensions. These will last for about 4 or 8 weeks and then you will have to remove and re-apply them. There are also weaves that are sewed onto hair that is braided into cornrows. This is good for people with thick hair. The extensions themselves can be a little uncomfortable if not applied correctly by they are actually one of the most permanent types. The fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions can be bonded to natural hair using adhesive. It will take about 3 or 4 hours to apply them and it is a little damaging to natural hair because of the glue. You can treat them as your natural hair and use the same products that you normally use. They will stay up to about 4 months.