Types Of Laser Treatments

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There are several skin challenges that we come across in our lives quite often. Laser treatment is one of the popular treatments that have made the skin treatment easier. Laser clinic in cranbourne are set up in almost all cities that are offering a wide range of treatments including those for glowing skin or for laser hair removal.

Some popular treatments that you need to know about for your healthy appearance include the following:

  1. Laser Genesis is a treatment that is meant for an insta-glowing skin. It is also known by the name lunchtime cosmetic procedure. It takes only 15 minutes to retain the beauty that you are looking for. The dermis of the skin is gently heated with 1064 nm wavelength. This helps in getting rid of the red patches of the skin. Laser Genesis helps in building up the collagen that we further need to get rid of the unwanted lines and the wrinkles. In this way it matches the laser hair removal that aims at getting rid of the unwanted hair.
  2. Fractional CO2 Laser

If you have acne scars then you may visit the laser clinic to get rid of them through fractional CO2 laser technique. Acne scars are harder to deal with as compared to the acne itself. It is hard to conceal them and takes enough time to handle them. The beauty products needed in this regard are also expensive. The CO2 laser can handle the deep rooted scars quite efficiently as well. During the treatment the laser beams will create small holes in the skin that can allow the regeneration of the collagen.

  1. Pulsed dye laser

This technique is popular in handling the broken blood vessels. The treatment is safe and causes little or no pain while using. The process involves yellow lights that heat up the skin at a comfortable level and remove the blood vessels that are damaged. No skin in the surrounding area remains unattended.

  1. Fraxel

Instead of going for the complicated surgical procedure of facelift it is far more convenient and less painful to go for the option of the specialized laser treatment called Fraxel. This is a comprehensive treatment to handle multiple issues related to skin like wrinkles, crow feet, sun burn and even skin rejuvenation. The process is time consuming and stressful but after successful completion of the procedure you can enjoy a skin that is 10 times fresher than you were already having.

  1. IPL

If you are working in outdoors for long hours then you are likely to have sunburns or similar situations. The scorching sun can threaten your complexion too. These pigmentations can ruin the natural hues of the skin and need to be attended carefully and immediately before things start getting worse. In this scenario you would love to get a complete new look with the IPL or the Laser Photo Rejuvenation. It helps in removing the melanin that is reason behind the dark spots.