Caring For Your Tape In Hair Extension

Maintaining a beautiful look is always a top priority for ladies. It makes a lady look more professional, appealing, and even help convince judges to rule in her favor she is in modelling or fashion industry. However, some of the great hair styles used by ladies also require special care to maintain the lovely allure all the time. When you use tape in hair extensions, it is particularly critical for you to understand them and take great care to always appear elegant when you are with peers, at work or even on the catwalk. Here are some great tips for caring your extensions that have been proven to be highly effective.

When you are washing the extensions, always use products that are recommended by your stylist and purchased from reliable salons. Experienced hair dressers in South Melbourne will tell you the chemicals that can destroy the extensions so that you avoid them completely. For example, you should never use products that have high silicon content because they easily loosen the attachments to the natural hair. Other products to avoid include sulphur containing cleaning agents like dandruff shampoo.
Intensive puling of the extensions can damage them. When you need to clean the hair, slightly lean the head backwards and then carefully cleanse it downwards starting from the top. Apply shampoo slowly and massage it right down to the scalp with care not to pull the additional hairs. The conditioner should also be applied to the complete length of the hair while combing carefully with fingers until the feeling becomes twist free. Always remember to leave the conditioner about five minutes or more depending on manufacturer’s recommendations.

When drying your hair extensions, experts recommend that you should not use scrubbing motion. The best method is wrapping the hair with a towel to absorb all the moisture. The drying should start from the base and gently extend to the full length of the extensions. If you want to use a blow drier, high heat levels can damage the extensions. Select medium to low heat and them aim the heating air at the base of the hair shafts and then move gently towards the ends. Once drying has been achieved to about 50%, you can use brushes for styling.

To brush the tape extensions without destroying them, you should use a brush that has soft bristles. Make sure to brush the hair two to three times daily and do it starting with the extension ends moving towards the top. To be sure you are using the right brush ask the stylist to select it for you and even demonstrate how to do it.

While the source of tape in type of hair extensions is real human hair, they do not get the same nutrients as your natural hair. Therefore, use of hot rollers or curling irons should be kept away from the point of attachment. Only mild or low heat should be applied because very hot temperatures weakens the extensions and shortens their lifespan. After getting the best remy hair extensions in Melbourne, always use the above tips to take care of them in order to maintain the lovely appeal for longer.