Beautiful Earth Of Minerals

Mineral make up in Australia is compromised of Earth based ingredients and excludes the irritant ingredient that most of the other makeups contain. It can be worn by all skin types so is a popular choice with many.
Minerals are substances that occur in the Earth’s crust. The mineral are mined then pulverised into micro particles that are then added to products from foundation to nail polish. The makeup does not clog the pores so prevents the common side effects of extensive makeup wearing, such as blackheads and pustules. The skin is freer to breath under the coating of makeup. For this reason, in is popular with person who suffer from common skin conditions.

The main minerals that are used in makeup are very natural and effective. They are popular because these products are naturally occurring rather than being man made and toxic. Many large cosmetic companies are producing mineral makeup lines and a large percentage of foundations now sold are labelled as mineral. Product can be labelled as mineral even if it contains only one percent mineral content so buyers need to read labels carefully. Even this minerals are used in baby foot products in Australia.

Many of the ingredients present in mineral foundation are also present in sunscreen but it is not recommended that makeup doe not replace sun screen on the skin.
Mineral foundations can be found in cream, liquid or compact forms. They can cover blemishes and redness as well as skin pigmentation. Skin that is sensitive or needs medical attention should not apply makeup without first consulting a medical professional. This may be a doctor or dermatologist.

When applying makeup whether it is mineral make up in Australia or hypoallergenic beauty products, avoid the use of fingers. This may spread infection onto the skin or give a streaky appearance to the makeup. Foundation needs to be applied using a medium sized soft brush that is applied from the centre of the face out or with a makeup sponge that can be applied using a patting motion from the centre of the face out. Sponges and brushes should be washed regularly with warm water and makeup brush cleaner to avoid cross contamination. Failure to wash the brushes and sponges causes bacteria to multiply leading to infection and further skin irritants.
Eye shadow adds colour definition to the eye area. You can contour your eye shadow to change the appearance of your eye shape. Over hanging lids can be disguised with a pale highlighter growing darker towards the hooded area. Small eyes can be made bigger with a light colour on the upper eyelid and eyelashes could be curled to add definition to the eye shape.

Lips can be glossed or coloured. Line the lips to avoid the colour bleeding. Lipstick should be blotted to avoid an over layered effect. Whether mineral makeup is used or not, the skills needed to apply the perfect face of makeup to accentuate the features takes the right knowledge of colour, shading, highlighting and application. Remember, practise makes perfect!