Dry as a Bone

Winter time can be very harsh on the human body, we tend to have warmer showers and baths to help us defrost, even though this feels great, what it can do is dry the skin out and make you start scratching like mad. The cold winds that scream through your clothing and gust across your face do the same thing, basically by the end of winter it is lucky you are not a shriveled up husk of peeling skin.
Buy body moisturiser to help stave off the ravages of the winter scourge, after showering dry yourself off and then rub yourself down with a lotion. If you are allergic to any substances make sure you read the ingredients list to ensure you are not going to become a great mass of hives and itchy rashes. Defeats the whole purpose of keeping your skin hydrated if you end up scratching it all off.
There are all sorts of moisturisers available and if you are sensitive to just about everything there are hypoallergenic lotions that are suitable for just about everyone. If there are no issues in which cream to use then there are some very attractive ones to choose from, scented concoctions that can make you smell like exotic flowers and even like a dessert. This worries me, in the fact that you might end up with a bunch of kids following you around trying to take a nibble out of your thigh because you smell so appealing. See more of trusted beauty products here.
All the different brands claim to do the same thing, they just word it differently, they will make your skin softer, hydrated and revitalized. The advertisements on TV for the products, all show the same thing, some beautiful woman just hopping out of the shower and rubbing herself down in slow motion, I am not sure how this is going to help in keeping you from having dry skin but hey who ever died from having a slow rub down.
Ok, that sounded rude. The fact remains thought they try to sell the merchandise to you with sexy women in their all together, now these ads are aimed at women, I can guarantee that no matter how much you apply the stuff you are not going to look like the girl in the ad. What they should show is some craggy skin and how it recovers after having the moisturiser applied, the reason they don’t do this is because it doesn’t actually do anything but create a barrier of lotion that a battleship couldn’t get through. Your skin will feel nicer after you have smothered yourself in the stuff but as always this is but a temporary feeling and if you get a brand that is extra greasy then be prepared to have your clothes stick to you for the next half hour or so. It is all about trial and error and finding out which brand you like the most.